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Cost Segregation Case Study

Evaluation of $3M Office Building RenovationDeduction
Repair Deductions $150,000
Partial Dispositions $100,000
179D Deduction $175,000
5-Year Recovery Period $300,000
7-Year Recovery Period $100,000
15-Year Recovery Period $300,000
Add. Deductions Year 1 $500,000
Increased Cash Year 1 $205,000
Net Present Value (NPV) $265,000

Cost Segregation

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Many components of buildings can be reclassified as 5, 7, or 15 year assets from their original 27.5 or 39 year lives. This provides the benefit of accelerated depreciation, which reduces taxes and increases cash flow. Building owners can take advantage of the ability to look back and “catch-up” lost depreciation deductions. 

At BRAYN, Cost Segregation studies are performed by certified engineers with industry experience in construction to ensure the most thorough and comprehensive study.