Manufacturing Firm Case Study

ItemAverage Annual Amount
Gross Revenues$15,000,000
Total Payroll$5,600,000
Qualified Research Expenses (QREs)$1,100,000
Net Federal Credits$72,000
Net State Credits$12,000
Total Net Federal and State Credits$84,000


"We were not previously taking advantage of the R&D Tax Credit because we did not know that the construction industry qualified. However, BRAYN presented us with a complementary Phase 1 Assessment ... [that] was essential in helping us understand possible benefits. We were under a very constrained timeline to complete the study before our statute and filing deadlines and BRAYN followed through on everything as promised and delivered results that exceeded my expectations, all while collaborating effectively with our team and our CPA firm to make this a very seamless effort with a great benefit."

-Cheryl Osborn, President of Casco Contractors, Inc. 

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R&D Tax Credit 

The R&D tax credit is one of the most powerful incentives in the tax code. Due to the broad definition of "qualified research", businesses in nearly every industry take advantage of the credit. To see what activities may qualify, check out the Industries page to learn about R&D in your industry. 

The R&D tax credit is based on "qualified research expenses" (QREs) - for every dollar spent on QREs, you can earn up to $0.15 in tax credits! The R&D tax credit is a federal incentive, but many states also offer their own versions, which means even more opportunities for tax savings.