• Chemical
  • Food Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Passenger Transit
  • Mining/Industrial

Fuel Excise Tax Credit for Transportation 

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Transportation Industry Case Study

Jurisdiction    Federal        Texas     
Total Gallons100,000100,000
Total Exempt Gallons100,000 
Refundable Tax Per Gallon$0.243$0.20
Fuel Tax Refund (One Year)$24,300$20,000
Statute of Limitations3 Years1 Year
Total Benefit of Jurisdiction$73,200$20,000
Total Benefit$93,200

Who Can Benefit?

The federal government and most states have enacted fuel tax breaks for transportation and other fuel consuming companies for various uses of gasoline, diesel, and other common fuels. For federal purposes, taxpayers may be eligible for refunds of tax paid on gallons of certain fuels used in vehicles and equipment off-road, such as in farm equipment, compressors, generators, and bulldozers. Many states offer a wider range of refund opportunities than the federal government, extending exemptions to vehicles licensed for on-road use, such as cement mixers and garbage trucks. 

  • Common/Private Carriers
  • Waste/Sanitation
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas and Oilfield Service
  • Farming/Agriculture

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Examples of Qualifying Vehicles & Equipment

  • Off-road Vehicles and Equipment
    • Construction equipment (generators, dozers, etc.)
    • Oilfield service equipment
    • Lawn maintenance equipment
    • Farming equipment
    • Marine vessels
    • Forklifts
  • Other Opportunities
    • Taxicabs
    • Government-owned vehicles
    • Diesel-powered trains

  • On-road Vehicles with PTO Equipment
    • Cement mixers
    • Trash compactors
    • Dump trucks
    • Bucket trucks
    • Solid and liquid cargo pumps
    • Carpet cleaning vehicles
  • Refrigerated Truck/Trailer
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)
  • Mass Transit
    • School and local buses
    • Van services