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BRAYN is a niche consulting firm that empowers business through specialty tax incentives. The BRAYNiacs are a team of lawyers, engineers, accountants, and tax support staff with extensive industry experience hailing from Big-4 and other national consulting firms. We work collaboratively with your CPA firm to assist in the review, documentation, and substantiation of the tax incentives specific to your business. At BRAYN, we focus on building quality relationships where we are a key partner in driving business prosperity.

The three things that make BRAYN unique and differentiate us from our competition are:

  1. Fixed-fee
  2. High per-capita expertise, Subject Matter Experts
  3. Independency of Service

Our fixed fees include unlimited hours for tax admin audit representation to defend our work in the unlikely event of an audit.

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BRAYN’s Proven 3 Phase Process

We understand the importance of having consultants and work collaboratively with your CPA. We PLAN each relationship with the client’s CPA to enable us to create an efficient work plan according to the needs of the client. We COMMUNICATE effectively to limit the time and resource impact on the client. We are a fixed fee firm with no hidden costs, so we understand the importance of time management. We DELIVER a thorough, detailed account of the engagement, the client’s business and our methodology.

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BRAYN STORM is a complimentary analysis of documents that you provide depending on the service line. Our BRAYNiacs analyze your documents and provide you with an estimate of tax credits or deductions and provide you with a fixed fee.


Phase 1

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BRAYN POWER is a more detailed phase where we request additional documentation and depending on the service line, we may setup interviews with your staff members or perform site visits to document the data we collect. After a thorough review of the data, we will provide final numbers that your CPA can put on your tax returns.


Phase 2

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BRAYN TRUST of BRAYN's consulting projects include the delivery of additional qualitative reporting and memorandum, as well as additional quantitative schedules and workpapers, beyond those required for inclusion on the filed tax returns but important for clients and their CPAs to maintain in their records. This Full Audit Support further includes full representation of the client as a Power of Attorney before the examining tax authority and fully shepherding the process until amicable resolution.


Phase 3


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